​A bit of history

​Welcome to the Réauts ! 
A family estate located in the Côte des Bar (south of the Champagne Appellation) and worked biodynamically since 1992. The vines take root on clay-limestone soil and a subsoil Kimmeridgian. The vineyard's grape varieties are Pinot Noir mainly (90% of the surface), then Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc and Pinot meunier.

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​Our range of champagne

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Label AB

​Certified Organic Farming, Champagne Réaut has respected the label's commitments since 1992.


​Certified by Demeter, Champagne Réaut is part of the collective brand that brings together 1000 members in France.


​Champagne Réaut is certified by Ecocert, the label that commits to good practices environmental and societal issues.


Champagne Réaut

 12, Chemin de Derrière les Murs - 10250 Courteron

 +33 6 07 81 93 26

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