Our art of working

​Soil health

​Our main concern : the health of our soils. It is on them that everything starts and that everything depends. 

To take care of our land, we have been applying the principles of biodynamics since 1992 and this has allowed us to observe a renaissance of our soils over time. In concrete terms, it is a question of strengthening the immune defenses of the vine by providing it with rigorously developed biodynamic preparations. 

In addition, plant-based preparations (nettle, horsetail, yarrow, valerian, etc.) and mineral-based preparations (silica) are applied throughout the vine's cycle according to the needs of its needs.

​We are certified Ecocert for the Organic Agriculture part and Demeter for the biodynamic agriculture part of the grapes.

To have a quality raw material, an essential pillar for the continuation of the winemaker's work in the same dynamic.